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AEGEE-Bamberg and AEGEE-Dresden Exchange: Exploring New Horizons Together 🌎🤗

The members of AEGEE-Bamberg with the AEGEE-Erfurt members spent their weekend in Dresden, the city of art, culture, and history. With a warm welcome from their fellow AEGEE-Dresden members, they delved into the vibrant cultural scene, explored the majestic historical sites, and experienced the dynamic nightlife of Dresden 🎉

The Elbe River, Frauenkirche, Zwinger Palace, and Neustadt district were among the highlights that left an indelible mark on their hearts 🏰🎉

This exchange was not just about sightseeing; it was about building lasting friendships ❤️

Experience the magic of AEGEE and become a part of something much greater. Explore the world, make friends, and discover the incredible people and places that Europe has to offer. AEGEE is waiting for you. 🌟🌍👫👬👭

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