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We are AEGEE-Bamberg, a student organization at the University of Bamberg with an international focus. We are organizing parties, thematic events and informal get-togethers to meet, drink and make friends. Just have a look at our Event-page to find out more. Additionally, we are part of AEGEE-Europe, one of the biggest European student organization in existence! Therefore, we can offer you many opportunities, which you can read about below.


Advocacy and Policy

State your Opinion!

  • AEGEE gathers the opinions of European students and represents them towards stakeholders through campaigns, lobby actions, conferences and membership in bigger advocacy platforms.
  • AEGEE informs students and young people about the impact which European policies have in their lives and opportunities they offer.

Travel Europe!

  • AEGEE creates a space for members of different backgrounds to meet in order to foster mutual understanding.
  • AEGEE supports mobility and encourages young people to cross borders and make new friends, to break stereotypes and strengthen tolerance, respect and solidarity.

Intercultural Exchange

Thematic Projects

Make an impact!

  • Thematic projects, both local and international, are initiatives developed by members of AEGEE.
  • They deal with current challenges in the European society, create awareness among young people and propose solutions from a students’ point of view.