SU 2022

Summer University 2022

We, as an AEGEE-Bamberg Team, were eager to organize one of the most fun international events that AEGEE provides: a Summer University! The core organizers developed an extensive program for our participants, spanning from crazy parties to workshops about sustainability and mental well-being. Of course we needed to get our participants acquainted with the local brewery culture, which Bamberg so unique. Therefore, we visited breweries and beer gardens as well as local folk festivals, which also involve lots of beer here in Germany 😉 Finally, we could welcome over 30 participants in Bamberg from a variety of different European countries. The participants brought such a fantastic energy to our SU and we would like to thank all of them for that. Hopefully, we will welcome each of you guys again in Bamberg soon!

Below you can find more photos from the SU. If you would like to join us and participate in future SUs, please refer to Join-Us-page.

SU 2022

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