Kategorie: International Event

  • AGORA Enschede 2023

    AGORA Enschede 2023

    The Agora is the General Assembly of the association, held twice a year, in spring and in autumn, gathering 600-1000 students for three to four days. Spring Agora 2023 was held between 16-21 May in Enschede, the Netherlands. 6 days full of plenary sessions, discussions, new friendships, networking, minimal sleep 😴 and parties 🎉. It was…

  • Summer University 2022

    Summer University 2022

    We, as an AEGEE-Bamberg Team, were eager to organize one of the most fun international events that AEGEE provides: a Summer University! The core organizers developed an extensive program for our participants, spanning from crazy parties to workshops about sustainability and mental well-being. Of course we needed to get our participants acquainted with the local…